Texas Holdem poker rules are really not so difficult to learn. We know that if you’re a beginner at this game, its rules might seem a little scary. Luckily, with this guide, we will put your worries aside because after you read it, you will be ready to conquer the online poker rooms!

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Texas Holdem - Basic Rules

Texas Holdem poker rules are quite straightforward to follow. Each player gets 2 hole cards that only they can see, and the dealer turns 5 cards face-up on the table. 3 cards are turned up in the first round, and the other 2 cards are turned one at a time. Each player uses these 5 cards with their 2 hole cards to make the best possible hand.

Texas Holdem rounds

The number of rounds in a Texas Holdem game depends on whether players fold their hands or continue further into the game. Pre-flop is the period before the first three community cards are turned face-up during the pre-flop, and players bet on their 2 private hole cards. Next, we have the flop, where the first 3 cards are revealed and more bets are made. The 4th card is shown, also known as the turn, and more bets are made. The final card reveal is known as the river and, once betting is finished, the best hands are revealed in the showdown.

Player’s moves

Initially, a player can simply pass or check to the next person for free, but they may also make a bet if they feel their hand warrants it. If there is already a bet when it comes around to a player, Texas Holdem betting rules state they cannot pass in this case. They must call the bet and match the amount, or raise the bet if they wish. Fold your cards to quit the round.

texas holdem poker rules guide


  • Big and Small Blind: These are forced bets made at the start of a hand.
  • Check: A player passes without betting if there was no bet already made.
  • Flop: The turning of the 3 community cards.
  • Pre-flop: The period before the flop.
  • Raise: Betting more than the previous person did when it’s your turn.
  • Re-raise: A person raises more than the previous person raised.
  • Fourth Street: Another name for the turn phase.
  • Fifth Street: The final community card turnover phase, also known as the river.
  • Showdown: Players compare hands to see who wins the pot.
texas holdem poker rules and strategies

Best Texas Holdem Casinos

The best casinos adhere to strict Texas Holdem poker rules for their casino games. Ultimate Texas Holdem rules state that you play against the dealer, while standard Texas Holdem games pit you against the other players. Keep a Texas Holdem guide nearby when you first start, but the game becomes second nature after you play a few times and understand the basics of Texas Holdem poker rules.

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After reading your Texas Holdem rules for dummies, it’s time to find the best game. Texas Holdem poker rules get easier to remember after playing the game for a little while, so keep your Texas Holdem guide nearby until you become comfortable playing. Texas Holdem is very easy to play online but may take years of playing to master it.