eSports betting has recently become the go-to option for many gamblers online. There are many reasons for this but largely this boils down to the fact that eSports betting offers more events to place stakes on. In addition, it provides even higher odds when compared to regular sports betting. This post will look at the Filipino eSports market in particular. Read on.

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The popularity of E-sports in the Philippines

The eSports betting market in the Philippines is one of the most rapidly growing around the world. Among the reasons why this is so is because this form of gambling is very popular in the country. 

Is eSports Betting in the Philippines Legal?

It is totally legal to place bets on eSports events in the Philippines. As a matter of fact, there is a national eSports league that all Filipinos of legal age can participate in. It avails some of the most prominent game varieties such as CSGO and DOTA2. Staking on these events is possible at the several offshore casinos available in the country. The barriers to entry are limited, however, some identity verification is the common protocol in most of these eSports betting websites. The main reason for this is to ensure that minors are protected from preying eSports betting sites that may want to exploit them.

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The Most Popular Games

When it comes to the variety of eSports betting games that are most popular in the Philippine eSports market, the list is endless. However, as with any other gambling scene, there are some varieties that will be more outstanding than others. This section looks at some of the most popular eSports games in the Philippines.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO)

Arguably the most popular eSports game option in the Philippines. This title involves a player or group of players taking missions as an elite military squad. The reason for the large following this game gets is because of the unique and challenging missions that it offers. Many sports investors, choose to bet on fixtures from this game because while the missions are challenging to the player, they are easy to keep up an eye on. CSGO also has a huge following worldwide and this fanbase contributes to making it popular among Filipino gamers.

Defense of The Ancient 2 (DOTA2)

It is near impossible to talk about virtual games without the mention of DOTA2. This virtual game attracts a huge following because of its exceptional graphics and variety of weapons when gaming. Most people that are fascinated by sci-fi movies find this game to be their ultimate go-to and it is all for the right reasons. The play experience is satisfactory and it is quite easy to upgrade to more sophisticated weapons that make it possible to win multiple contests. The various missions are also challenging enough to keep anyone glued to the screen for an extended period of time.

League of Legends (LOL)

Since its launch in 2009, League of Legends continues to gain fans across the world because of its amazing features that allow players to participate in multiplayer battle arenas. LOL is also a favorite of many online gamers here in the Philippines and rivals the other two in the list when it comes to market share. Like its competitors, the game also has amazing graphics that contribute to the large following that it commands.

Facts and Figures About eSports Betting

eSports is one of the most exciting online gambling activities nowadays. In the course of this gaming version’s growth, there have been some amazing facts and figures that have cropped up and continue to do so. Here are some that stand out in this industry.

  • Largest prize pool – The largest prize pool was witnessed at The International 2019: Dota 2 Championships held in Shanghai, China. This tournament attracted a total of 18 teams and 90 players. The prize pool was an astonishing $34,330,069.
  • Hall of fame – You may think that eSports is just a small industry with no foothold. However, since 2016, there has been a Hall of Fame that inducts the most exceptional players around the world. Additionally, there is another Hall of Fame that inducts individuals that have made considerable contributions to the industry.
  • Industry growth projections – As with any other online sports betting industry, eSports is also attracting many investors around the globe. Endorsements and sponsorships are also taking root in the industry and the market is estimated to grow to $1.2 Billion by 2021. This is impressive for a market that only began in the 90s.
  • Worldwide fan base – Data companies around the world that are taking interest in the industry and its fanbase have announced some extraordinary numbers when it comes to the fanbase of eSports games. It is estimated that the live events are followed and played by at least 250 million people worldwide which goes to show just how rapidly the industry is growing.
  • Spectator sport – The industry is slowly morphing into a spectator sport. It is estimated that at least 40% of the total fan base of this industry does not participate in any gaming but rather just live streams the events as they happen.
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eSports SA Games

The Southeast Asian Games is an event covering many types of sports, including eSports. There are 11 countries from Southeast Asia taking part in this contest like Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines of course. The first eSports competition was held from 5-10 December 2019 at the Filoil Flying V Centre located in San Juan, Metro Manila. The categories covered in this tournament were PC, console, and mobile, and each of them would feature two video games in total. There were five medals awarded to the Philippine nation - three gold medals, one silver, and one bronze. The golden medals were given for Dota 2, Starcraft 2, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

We can conclude that eSports will be a top trend in 2021 with the forecast that its popularity will grow even more over time. There are many eSport tournaments that are yet to be established, giving the players more field to reach their full potential.

Top eSports betting sites in the Philippines

Despite the Philippines not being the biggest eSports betting market out there, some of the online bookies have outstanding eSports sections.


This platform is primarily a slot casino but also includes an impressive eSports section. Furthermore, it packs some of the most popular games. It is arguably the number one DOTA2 betting site in the country. Players will also find it easy to register on this platform owing to its user-friendly interface as well as limited restrictions for players based in the Philippines. Its reputation as the best eSports betting site is advanced by its availability on mobile as well.

Bets You Can Place on eSports

As with any other online game, there are some specific markets that exist for this industry. The most popular markets for eSports gambling are as follows.

Cash bets

As the name suggests these are primarily bets that are staked using fiat currency. In this type of bet, an individual will stake a particular amount of money on a certain outcome that will then be decided once the event comes to an end.

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Skin bets

These are bets that use virtual currency to alter the features of the game in question. For example, one may use his or her skin bets to change the appearance of the weapons that a particular character uses when fighting. Skin bets are only for cosmetic purposes. However, there exist third-party forums where one can exchange this for fiat currency.

eSports Betting on Live Events

eSports live betting is another common phenomenon in online betting sites. Most players choose to stake bets on live events through the various gambling sites that they register with. It is good to note that live betting is still in its formative years and is not fully explored. In the Philippines, it is slowly gaining more traction as gaming platforms adopt a state of the art technology to facilitate this type of gambling.

FAQs about ESports Betting