The game of blackjack is a classic casino favorite. No casino is considered complete without offering a blackjack table that can meet the demands of enthusiasts and high-rollers. Today, you can easily find and play this game on most gambling platforms and it’s playable in different varieties. You’ll find the game in the free demo, in themed variants, or even as live blackjack where you play directly against the dealer in real-time.

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There are several reasons why this game is well-loved in the business. One, it’s easy to play. The main objective of the game is to form the best hand that’s close to 21 to beat the dealer’s hand. Also, it offers a friendly house edge with many casinos offering an advantage at just 1 percent. Finally, it’s well-known because you can play different versions of the game. Some of the popular blackjack variants to play are Spanish 21, Free Bet Blackjack, Infinite Blackjack, and Classic Blackjack. Also, you can find live blackjack online that offers an exciting way to play this card game.

Instead of playing against a computer program run by a Random Number Generator (RNG), your live blackjack allows you to play directly against a professional dealer in real-time as if you’re in a casino room. The prospect of playing against the dealer and authenticity in the gameplay makes live casino blackjack a popular option online. If you’re planning to play live blackjack online and don’t know where to start, then this guide will help you.

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Live Dealer Blackjack - Basic Rules

Before you take part in a live blackjack online casino game, make sure to first check out the rules. The good news is that the gameplay and betting rules for the standard game also apply to the live casino variant. What differs is the concept of real-time play against a professional dealer.

In live blackjack, you play against the dealer. It’s a card-comparing game where you collect the best set of cards to reach 21- without exceeding this number- before the dealer gets 17. In short, the challenge in the live blackjack game is to beat the dealer’s hand without going bust (or going over 21).

The easiest way to win in the game is to collect a hand better than the dealer’s and you don’t go bust. Now, if your hand is valued at exactly 21, you can collect a bigger payout. The value of the hand in this game depends on your cards. For example, the face cards like Jacks and Queens are assigned a value of 10. Your Aces can be 1 or 11, and the remaining cards retain their face value. So if you collect an Ace and ‘10’, then you automatically score a 21 or a blackjack.

What To Expect

The majority of casinos that accept Philippine players offer a live blackjack option. If you want to play this game, make sure you are a customer and have a funded account. Compared to online slots, live dealer games are not available in the free demo. You should be a member of the site and logged in to fully access a live blackjack game.

Simply visit the ‘Live Casino’ section and choose a live blackjack table that you want to join. These tables are presented in various betting limits so you need to verify this information as well. In a standard casino, a professional dealer is assigned and deals up to seven boxes for every table. Eight 52-card decks are used and stored together in a shoe. As part of the casino policy, this stack of cards is randomly shuffled to ensure fairness.

The game starts with a betting round where you need to place your bet, often in chips, in front of the online blackjack dealer. The minimum and maximum bet are established during this round, or you can see the information on the screen. In many casinos, the minimum bet starts at $2 or its currency equivalent.

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How to Play the Game

After all the bets have been collected, the dealer then assigns cards to the players on the table. The dealing of the cards moves clockwise and it’s displayed face-up to each player including the dealer. Another round of cards is distributed to the players, again face-up, but the dealer’s card is presented face-down.

At the end of this process, all participants collect two cards face up, while the live blackjack dealer gets one face-down. From here, the player will then check the value of the card and make a decision that can determine the outcome of the game.

In live blackjack real money, you will decide if you will ‘hit’, ‘stand’, or ‘surrender’. When you play live blackjack, you can ‘hit’ if you’re not satisfied with the hand value and you want to request another card from the deck to improve the hand. Another option is to ‘stand’ which means you’re satisfied with the value of your hand.

Also, there’s an option for a ‘surrender’ which allows you to surrender and forfeit your wager. Furthermore, you will find the option to split into many blackjack tables. As the term suggests, to split means to divide the cards into two hands. This happens if you received identical cards or cards with the same value, like 7-7.

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Winning in Live Blackjack

If you get a blackjack using your first two cards, the casino will offer a payout with odds of 3:2. You can remove the payout schedule of the best live blackjack game before you submit your wager. Some casinos even offer VIP tables where the bets are bigger and the payouts and jackpots can be lucrative.

In most live dealer blackjack online games, there’s an option to get the insurance and side bets. Also, some of the best live blackjack casinos allow you to bet from behind. Make sure to verify all these features before you play the game in real money mode. It also helps if you take advantage of the live blackjack bonus. Just like in other casino games, the bonus allows you to play a few blackjack rounds risk-free.