Blackjack online is one of the world’s most popular online card games. Its popularity can be attributed to the simple rules of the game; beat the dealer in obtaining a card value of 21 or closer. Also known as 21, blackjack is a game of skill, strategy, and a bit of luck. So, how exactly do you use blackjack skills, and when do you implement the blackjack strategies? Our review will give you an in-depth analysis of this card game and provide the best online casinos offering various blackjack variants in the Philippines.

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Blackjack Online - Where to Start?

Understanding when to apply the various blackjack strategies will put you at an advantage over the dealer. Such strategies as using the blackjack probability charts and using calculators will help you leverage the dealer’s next move, so you can be the first to make a winning move before the dealer does.

You do not have to be a professional player to win at blackjack. Learning the basic blackjack rules, the various strategies, and when to use them is enough to help you win a blackjack game. Read on for details on when to hit, when to stand and when to get yourself insurance.

Blackjack Online

Basic Blackjack Online Rules

The magical number in this card game is 21. Getting a card value of 21 or higher value than the dealer will give you a win. Your hand should, nonetheless, not exceed 21. That is the basic rule in all blackjack variants. However, the various blackjack variants apply different rules in their gameplay. Here are other basic rules across all blackjack variants.

  • A hand starts with both the dealer and the players getting 2 cards each. All cards are face up except one of the dealer’s cards, which is face down. The dealer’s face-down card will remain so until the end of the hand.
  • When you ‘Hit’ you are asking the dealer to issue you with another round of cards.
  • If you believe the cards are in your favor, then you can ‘Stand’, which basically means you are holding on to your total and ending your turn.
  • You will ‘Bust’ if your hand goes beyond 21.
  • You can ‘Split’ your hand if you are issued with two similar cards. A Split will also mean a double bet, with each hand being equivalent to the original bet.

It is important to note that the type of strategy you choose to apply largely depends on the online blackjack variant. All things constant, blackjack is the only game that has a very thin house edge, which is an advantage to a player. However, some online casinos have altered the rules to increase their house edge. That is why you should first check the blackjack rules on the different variants in an online casino before you place any bets.

Types of bets

Main Bet

The main objective of any blackjack card game is to create a card value higher than the dealer’s, without exceeding 21. Players make bets in the hope that the dealer busts, so they can win the round. Blackjack online at any casino starts when the dealer issues 2 cards to each player. 

As a player, once you are happy with your hand, you can decide to ‘Stand’ to end your turn. After your decision to stand, the dealer’s cards will be shown, and you will only win if the dealer’s hand is below your card value. This is the main black jack bet, and the winnings are equal to the original wager. You can hit a blackjack on the first or second dealt cards. This situation is referred to as a Natural Blackjack, and you get to receive one and a half times your wager in payouts, depending on the blackjack casino.

Side Bets

However, within the main bet, there are different types of side bets that can significantly increase your winnings. These side bets do not affect the outcome of the main made during the game. Such bets include,

  • Double Down: In this type of bet, you are committing to doubling your initial bet in exchange for only one more card from the dealer. Should your hand win after you receive the card, then you will receive double your original wager.
  • Insurance: If the dealer’s face-up card is an ace, then you can bet to predict the face-down card, and the ace will produce a Natural Blackjack. Insurance bets have an odd of 2/1, and you can bet up to half your original stake.
  • 21+3: This bet involves the player’s first 2 cards and the dealer’s face-up card. Using the 3 cards, you can bet on the combination suits or the values of the dealt cards. Combinations include a Flush, a Three-of-a-kind, and Straight.
  • Perfect Pairs: In this type of bet, you are allowed to predict whether your first 2 cards will be a perfect match of suits, color or number.
Blackjack Online

Blackjack House Edge

Among all the online casino games, blackjack online is the only game that gives you an advantage over an online casino. This, therefore, means that you have a greater chance of winning in each round you play. However, most online casinos know this, and they have altered some of the blackjack rules to their advantage.

Most Popular Variations

Online blackjack has many variations, each of which has a twist in the rules. Players in the Philippines should, therefore, read the rules of each variant to tell them apart. Playing the different versions of the same game gives you a new experience while breaking the monotony. It also gives you a perfect chance to challenge your blackjack skills and strategies. Many online casinos in the Philippines are now offering several online blackjack variations to attract more players. Some of the most popular variations include European Blackjack, Double Exposure, Atlantic City Blackjack, and Multi-hand Blackjack.

Blackjack Tips and Top Strategies

Blackjack online strategies are a perfect way to shield you from any possible losses while also giving you probable tactics to win against the dealer. Depending on the gameplay and the blackjack online variant, you need to make quick decisions on when to Hit, Stand or Surrender. You can do this by incorporating the blackjack probability charts, together with the possible tested strategies to calculate your next move and gain an advantage play. Below are some of the blackjack strategies that should guide you.

  • Blackjack Online Charts: Memorising the probability chart will give you an advantage play.
  • Pay attention to the blackjack variant rules and to the gameplay.
  • Choose a variation that has less number of decks.
  • Choose an online table with the highest paying odds.
  • Know your gameplay. Every blackjack card variant and online table you choose has different rules. Learn them to establish the best way to beat the dealer.

Play Free Blackjack Games

You do not need to be a pro at blackjack to have an advantage over the dealer. More practice of the skills and strategies will significantly give you that advantage. You can enjoy blackjack for free to get you started and help you put your skills to the test. There are several blackjack online casinos in the Philippines that offer different blackjack variants for free. These demo games are similar to the actual blackjack online games, with the only difference being the free nature of the games. Some casinos will give you free chips or virtual money to use in placing the various blackjack online bets. Once you are comfortable with the games, you can decide to play for real money.

Blackjack Online

Where to Play - Top Online Blackjack Casinos

Being a popular casino game, blackjack online is offered in various casinos across the world. We have come up with a list of the most reputable blackjack online casinos that offer an extensive selection of blackjack online variants in the Philippine market.


1xBet is among the most renowned online casinos offering a wide collection of blackjack variants in the Philippines. The operator offers a diverse selection of blackjack online from various developers such as NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. In addition to providing an impressive selection of blackjack in the Philippines, the provider has gone out of its way to offer a demo version of each blackjack available. This makes it easy for you to practice all your favorite variants. You can also claim the various promotions to enjoy blackjack and add to your capital.


Bet365 is a renowned operator across the globe, offering a convenient and stable mobile betting platform for all online casino games. It is also the Philippines’ leading operator that has an impressive collection of blackjack games. You can enjoy both table and live blackjack games, where you get a chance to interact with the pleasant live dealers. The casino’s user-friendly blackjack interface makes your gameplay experience look more life-like.

The highlight of the casino is its convenient wagering platform. You can comfortably enjoy your blackjack from wherever you are, using the Bet365 mobile app and site.


If you want a diverse selection of blackjack online games from a variety of developers, then 22Bet is the operator to join. With years of experience in the Philippine betting market, 22Bet knows exactly the kind of blackjack variants that will offer an impressive gaming experience.

Players in the Philippines also have a choice of playing any blackjack variant for free or for real money. Once you have enjoyed your risk-free blackjack from the demo version, you can open and play any online blackjack for real money and enjoy real winnings.

Live Vs Online Blackjack Games

Can’t decide between live casino blackjack and online blackjack? Well, they both offer a thrilling gaming experience, and they both give you a clear house edge advantage. The difference is in the gameplay. In online blackjack, software deals the cards, and you are playing against it for a win. Live blackjack, on the other hand, gives you an opportunity to play against real-life dealers through a live stream. With both platforms offering a thrilling blackjack experience, live casino blackjack goes the extra mile by letting you interact with a live dealer. This is definitely an added advantage to players.

The Bottom Line - Why Play Blackjack Online?

Basically, blackjack is the only casino game that gives you a house edge advantage. You can, therefore, exploit the advantage further by learning and applying the various blackjack strategies. These strategies have been previously tested and proven to offer an advantage play to blackjack players. Start by learning the strategies, then sign up to play for free and finally, once comfortable to risk your money, then you can indulge and play for real money.

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