Introducing this type of entertainment to the experienced blackjack players, and the ones that are yet having their first steps playing it is quite difficult. Its origin is a mystery to this day, and there are no confirmed resources showing who and how created this leisure activity.

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Some researchers claim that it has its roots from a game called “vingt-en-un” (twenty-one) that was played in French casinos in the 17th century. Still, its rules are not exactly the same as the Blackjack we know today. Here, the dealer can double the bet, and the player has to bet after each deal.

Another theory states that this card game is a derivative of the Spanish “Veintiuna”, which translated also means “twenty-one”. The first-ever written evidence of it was found in a book written by Miguel de Cervantes, who was considered to be a gambler. It must be noted that Veintiuna’s rules are the same as the Blackjacks. 

Enough myths, let’s get to point and introduce you to the blackjack rules!

blackjack rules online

Online Blackjack Rules - How To Play

Blackjack rules are considered to be one of the easiest a newbie can learn. The idea of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand. How? Once you sit on the table you have to place your bet first and then the dealer will give you two cards face up which you’re not allowed to touch. He will also receive two cards, one faced down (the hole card), which he can peek at, but doesn’t reveal unless it’s a Blackjack. If the total value of your hands exceeds 21, you lose and if you get 21 from the first deal, you’re the winner at the table. Follow these simple blackjack rules:

Card Value in Blackjack

It’s really simple. The Jack, Queen, and King are called “face cards”, and they count as 10. In accordance with the player’s choice, aces are either counted as 1 or 11. Numbered cards are rated as their usual value. No brain science here. 

A piece of good advice: counting cards is a viral strategy. This is the ability to figure out if the next deal will be beneficial for you, or for the dealer. It is a skill that requires time, learning, and practicing, but it will definitely level-up your self-esteem at the table. 

Play Options

To master the blackjack rules, you need to be aware of the play order. The deal starts in a clockwise rotation, and each player along with the dealer will receive one card face up. On the second round players receive their cards the same way, but this time the dealer will take its card face down. So, cards are on the table, but what exactly should you do now that the game has started? Here are the basic actions you can initiate according to the blackjack rules: 

  • Hit: You want an extra card from the dealer so you can reach your desired hand value.
  • Stand: You’re good with your current hand, and you don’t need another card. 
  • Split: This applies only when the first two cards you were dealt with have the same value. Once you split them, you’ll have two hands, and the bet for the second hand has to be equal to the first one. 
  • Double down: When you’re in the middle of your hand you double your bet - that’s the meaning of double down. For example, if you have 9,10 or 11 and you think that the next card will be 10, it’s logical to double down since the total value of the cards will be 21. Keep in mind that once you’ve doubled, you have the right to draw one card only, making this strategy risky. 
  • Surrender: When you surrender, the house will take half of your bet, and the other half will be returned back to you.  
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Payouts are also a significant part of understanding the blackjack rules. The most standard payout for a blackjack hand is 3:2. Which means that you’ll receive $3 for every $2 of your bet. A regular winning hand’s payout is 1:1, or whatever you’ve wagered, you’ll get on top. However, there are casinos where the payout ratio could be 6:5, meaning that for a $10 bet you will receive $12. Not very profitable on the player’s side, but casinos want to benefit somehow as well.

Popular Blackjack Variations

You’re in the mood for playing blackjack online, but you’re kind of bored with the traditional version? The most popular variants are Blackjack Switch, Free Bet Blackjack, and the Spanish 21. Their blackjack rules are not difficult to remember, so getting a decent amount of fun along the way of learning them is guaranteed. Apply the blackjack rules you just learned and practice your skills!

Basic Blackjack Strategy 

Blackjack rules include acknowledging yourself with some basic strategies. We must note that there is no actual one that will make you win. It’s just something for players to hang on. Following the online blackjack strategy chart below might reduce losses but it won’t guarantee you winning.

blackjack strategy chart

The Best Sites to Play Online Blackjack

When you go to the grocery store you want the best product at the best price, right? Well, the same is with online casinos, and here are our Top 3 online casinos we’ve chosen for you to play at, and integrate the blackjack rules you now know: 

888 Casino

Did you know that this casino was established back in 1997, making it basically a dinosaur in the online gambling industry? You can put 150% trust in its authority! Here, you will find some interesting variations of Blackjack 21, and not to mention that they offer a Live Blackjack as well. 


This online casino is well-known among the gambling community and has a high reputation. The diversity of Blackjack games here is impressive and there’s something for every taste. 


1xbit is one of the largest and most convenient cryptocurrencies online gambling operators you will find out there. For its bitcoin audience, this casino offers a wide range of live dealer Blackjack games. However, they work with other currencies as well so everyone can try their chances at this casino!

The Bottom Line

If you’ve just entered an online casino and you’re looking around, wondering where to start from, this game should be your first choice! Why? First of all, it’s very easy to learn (especially after you’ve read this review, and mastered the blackjack rules) and it’s just so fun to play!

As we mentioned, the payout is nice, and let’s admit it, playing against the dealer is quite a thrill. If you have a couple of well-memorized strategies down your sleeve, and the blackjack rules are not something unfamiliar to you anymore, your chances of winning will grow significantly.