Baccarat rules can be complicated for new players. However, with some practice and a guide such as this, it is easy to know how to play baccarat. This article outlines the basic rules of the game and offers some essential baccarat tips. It also suggests the three best online casinos where players from the Philippines can find the best baccarat experience.

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Where to Start - Basic Baccarat Rules

The game of cards is often dealt from a shoe that holds six to eight decks of cards. The dealer only deals two hands at a time irrespective of the number of bettors. The two hands are the banker’s hand and the player’s hand. Each hand gets two cards in the first deal, and where necessary, may pick a third card. Bettors can place bets on the banker-hand, player-hand, or a tie before the cards are dealt.

Some of the basic baccarat rules are:

  • The hand that has a value of eight or nine wins.
  • If the player’s hand has a total of five or less, the hand gets another card or stands up.
  • Each hand can only get three cards.

Other baccarat rules have to do with game etiquette and fair play. However, they may vary from house to house. Some of them are:

  • The person receiving the player-hand cards should not look at the cards until both hands are dealt.
  • The person holding the banker-hand cards should not look at the cards until the dealer has flipped the player cards face up.
  • The dealer cannot take money directly from a bettor’s hands when selling chips.
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Point Value of the Cards

According to baccarat rules, the cards from two through nine have a face value. Ten and face cards such as King, Queen, and Jack have zero value, while the ace is one. When the total value of cards is more than nine, then the baccarat rules require that the second digit determines the hand’s value. An example is a hand dealt with nine and six cards, which adds up to 15, making the value of the hand five.

Popular Baccarat Versions

The most popular variation of baccarat is the “Punto Banco.” Here bettors can place on either hand, but the person with the highest bet on the player’s hand receives the cards dealt with that hand.

The standard variation in Europe is known as the Baccara a Deux tableaux (Baccara with two tables), Baccara Banque, or Baccara. In this type, the bettors bid for who will provide the bank. The bank is held for the duration of the cards in the shoe or until the banker chooses to opt out.

In regular play, gamblers sit in teams with one half on the left side and the other half on the right side of the banker; each team has a representative who plays against the banker.

Chemin de Fer is another type of baccarat table game. It is a variation of the Baccara a Deux tableaux. Unlike the latter, the banker only plays against the players on the right. Baccarat rules insist that when the current banker loses, the banker privilege goes to the player on the left of the banker.

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Strategy and Tips for Online Baccarat

Baccarat is generally a game of luck, although it takes skills to increase the probability of winning. The baccarat rules are straightforward on winning requirements for the first pair of cards; the hand that is closest to nine wins. Trouble begins when you have the player-hand and must either pick a third card or stand.

The baccarat strategy, in this case, is simple. If the value is four or less, the odds of winning increase if one picks a card. If it is six or seven, then the best move is to stand. The odds cancel out when the hand value is five.

Play Demo and Free Games

Like all games, it takes practice to understand how to win online baccarat. Before one plays with real money, it is prudent to hone their skills using demo and free games. Several online casinos provide free games to their customers. While some do not require any deposit to access these games, most of them require a player to deposit real money first.

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Where to Play - The Best Casinos for Online Baccarat

Now that you know how to play baccarat, here are three online casinos that offer the best baccarat experience for Philippine players. Follow the baccarat rules outlined above, and you will be ready to start.

888 Casino

It is the ideal online gaming platform for Filipinos looking for an interactive online casino baccarat gaming experience. The operator is supported by 3D Web Casino, which offers a perfect blend between modern casino software and the realism of Las Vegas tables.


The operator is an excellent choice for players looking for ways to play online baccarat using Bitcoin. The platform has several baccarat variations as it sources its games from over a dozen software providers.


It boasts of being among the first online casino operators. It is an excellent choice for beginners as it provides a Rookie Raise bonus and the welcome bonus. Budding Filipino baccarat players will find the four-match bonuses helpful when learning the baccarat rules and playing with real money.

The Bottom Line - Why Play Online Baccarat?

Online Baccarat offers an opportunity for a player to dream and win big. The design and mode of play make it entertaining. In most cases, one is not playing against the house, which increases the possibility of each hand winning.